Switch Pressure Gauge Filter Press Dedicated 24V 0.25A M20x1.5 Filter Press Parts

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Yuwei
Certification: CE, IOS
Model Number: YWLB
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pcs
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Bubble Wrap
Delivery Time: 5-8 work days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, D/P, D/A
Supply Ability: 100000pcs per month
Detail Information
Name: Explosion-proof Electric Contact Pressure Gauge Accuracy Class:: IP65
Whether To Customize:: Yes Pressure Range:: 0~1.6
Display Method:: Dial Pointer Display Temperature Effects:: ≤0.4%/10°C
Nominal Diameter:: 100MM Ambient Temperature:: -40~70°C
Product Material:: Cast Steel/stainless Steel Optional
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Switch Pressure Gauge Filter


Switch Pressure Gauge 0.25A


Switch Pressure Gauge M20x1.5

Product Description

Nanjing Quality General Induction Switch Pressure Gauge YXCHK-100 Filter Press Dedicated 24V 0.25A M20*1.5


1. After a period of use and pressure, the pressure gauge movement will inevitably have some deformation and wear, and the pressure gauge will have various errors and failures. In order to ensure its original accuracy without distorting the value transmission, it should be replaced in time to ensure correct, safe and reliable instructions.
2. The pressure gauge should be cleaned regularly. Because the inside of the pressure gauge is not clean, it will increase the wear and tear of various parts, thereby affecting its normal operation, and will seriously cause the pressure gauge to fail and be scrapped.
3. According to JJG52-1999, the calibration period of the pressure gauge installed in the pressure measuring part is generally not more than half a year. For pressure gauges related to production safety and environmental monitoring, the verification period must be in accordance with the verification procedures, which can only be less than half a year; if the industrial and mining conditions are harsh, the verification period must be shorter.
4. If the medium fluctuates greatly at the pressure measuring part, is used frequently, requires high accuracy, and has strict requirements on safety factors, the verification period can be appropriately shortened according to the specific situation.
The following 4 types of 11 types of pressure gauges require mandatory verification:
1. The pressure gauge used for safety protection needs to be checked mandatory. It includes the following 7 categories:
1) Measurement of boiler main cylinder and feed water pressure;
2) Measurement of the pressure of the air silo and the main pipe of the fixed air compressor;
3) Measurement of generator, turbine oil pressure and locomotive pressure;
4) Pressure measurement of medical autoclaves and autoclaves;
5) Pressure measurement with alarm device;
6) Measurement of pressure of sealed pressurized container;
Pressure Gauge (Figure 18)
Pressure Gauge (Figure 18)
7) Measurement of harmful, toxic and corrosive medium pressure. (Such as: spring tube pressure gauge, electric remote transmission and electric contact pressure gauge).
2. The air pressure gauge used for safety protection needs to be checked mandatory. Namely: the measurement of wind pressure and wind speed in the roadway in the mine. (Such as: mine wind pressure gauge, mine wind speed gauge).
3. The oxygen meter used for safety protection needs to be checked mandatory. Includes the following 2 categories:
1) Measurement of oxygen monitoring pressure during filling of oxygen cylinders;
2) Measurement of oxygen pressure which is explosive and affects safety during the process.
4. Oxygen meters used for medical and health care must be checked. That is, the measurement of oxygen pressure on buoy-type oxygen inhalers and oxygen supply devices for hospital oxygen delivery.



Product model YN-100B
Connection Specifications M20*1.5 (default)
Accuracy class 1.0/1.6
Nominal diameter 100 / 150mm
Shell material 304 stainless steel
Custom processing 31 6L or other materials can be customized



Switch Pressure Gauge  Filter Press Dedicated 24V 0.25A M20x1.5 Filter Press Parts 0

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