208 Fleece Polyester Multifilament Filter Cloth Fabrics Dust Industrial Filter Cloth

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Yuwei
Certification: CE, IOS
Model Number: YWLB
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pcs
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Bubble Wrap
Delivery Time: 5-8 work days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, D/P, D/A
Detail Information
Name: Filter Clothes Material: PP, PET
Color: White Size: 250-2000mm
Thickness: 0.95-1.5mm Weight: 300-600g/m2
Weaving: Twill Mesh: 200-800
High Light:

208 Fleece Multifilament Filter Cloth


multifilament filter fabrics


industrial dust filter cloth

Product Description

208 Fleece Cloth Filter Cloth Polyester Multifilament Filter Cloth Industrial Filter Cloth Wholesale​


Polypropylene filter cloth
It is used in the treatment of industrial sewage such as petroleum, chemical industry, ceramics and plastics, aluminum plants, pharmaceuticals, printing and dyeing, etc.
Corrosion, fast water discharge, etc.
Polyester filter cloth
Used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, metallurgical and industrial filter presses, etc., with good acid resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance
Good product recovery
Nylon filter cloth
Used in rubber, ceramics, pharmaceutical, metallurgy and other industries, resistant to strong acid, weak acid, wear resistance is many fibers is many fibers
One of the best, so it can be pressed together with rubber, and it is an ideal material for tire manufacturing
Vinylon filter cloth
Used in the rubber industry and industries with strong alkali, it can be affected by strong alkali, has good hygroscopicity, and is easy to combine with rubber


A large number of spot wholesale and retail nylon mesh cloth, used for paint chemical filtration, air purification filter, air conditioning dust filter, can be cut into various specifications and shapes according to requirements, irregular shapes such as round, square, concave and convex can be . The product has SGS certification, please use it with confidence.


1. Suitable for all kinds of industrial or daily necessities nylon mesh


Nylon mesh materials include: nylon PA, polyethylene PE, polyester PET, polypropylene PP


Material: Nylon
Nylon filter mesh yarn is fine and transparent, and the commonly used density has various micron-level models: 25um 45um 73um 90um 120um 160um 190um 220um, the mesh number includes: 80 mesh 100 mesh 120 mesh 150 mesh 180 mesh 200 mesh 250 mesh 300 mesh 350 mesh 400 mesh 450 Mesh 500 mesh 600 mesh 800 mesh 1000 mesh


1. Nylon is woven from PA6 raw silk, which is widely used in various liquid and dust filtration; paint filtration; marine aquaculture, flour processing,

Ceramics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, dyes, monosodium glutamate, fisheries, food and other industries as sieves.


2. White polyethylene PE nylon mesh 10-120 mesh, widely used in various liquids, dust filtration, paint filtration, marine aquaculture, vegetable cultivation,


Chemical, dye, fishery, and other industries as sieves


3. Polyester PET30 mesh-420 mesh, uniform mesh, high strength, plain weave.


Main uses of the product: food tableware, medical treatment, chemical filtration, dustproof speaker receiver, textile printing and dyeing, plate making, electronic printing, circuit board printing, ceramics


Porcelain, glass, flower paper printing, signs, arts and crafts, and other industries. This product has high temperature resistance of 250 degrees, acid and alkali resistance, wear-resistant, non-toxic, food-grade

Features. For the production of various products.


Due to the variety of specifications and materials, the prices shown on this page are for reference only, please call or want to consult for details.

2, suitable for agricultural nylon nets, such as breeding, anti-fall



Name Material weaving. Weight Thickness
750-1 Polypropylene filament Twill 465 0.95
750-2 Polypropylene filament Twill 525 0.05
750-3 Polypropylene filament Twill 550 11.1
750A Polypropylene filament plain weave 395 0.68
522 62x64 Polypropylene filament plain weave 155 0.41
521 56x38 Polypropylene filament Twill 240 0.63
700-AB Polypropylene filament Twill 620 1.24
750-AB Polypropylene filament Twill. 720 1.4
108B Polypropylene filament Twill on both sides 600 1.1
108B Polypropylene filament Twill on both sides 850 1.5
108C+ Polypropylene filament satin 650 1.15
108C Polypropylene filament satin 600 1.03



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