Carbon Steel Candle Filter For Pharma Chemical Oil Filtration Manual High Filter Area

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Yuwei
Certification: IOS/CE
Model Number: YWZS
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: bubble wrap/wooden case
Delivery Time: 20-25 work days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 100 units per month
Detail Information
Name: Candle Filter Material: Carbon Steel Q235
Discharge: Back Flow Control: PLC
Filter Area: 0.5-100 M2 Precision: 5-100 Micron
Inlet/Outlet: DN25-DN200 Housing Surface: Sand Blast/Polish
Pressure: 0.6 -0.8 Mpa Work Temperture: 0-90 Degree
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Carbon Steel candle filter


Steel candle filter for pharm


stainless steel water filter candle

Product Description

Manual High Filter Area Carbon Steel Candle Filter Housing With For Chemical/ Oil / Filtration​



Candle filter is a fully closed filter system, the main components are material tank, gas storage tank, filter pump, candle filter, pipeline, valve, PLC electrical control and so on.

During filtration, a pump is used to send the material to be filtered into the filter. When the liquid passes through the filter cloth, the solid substances in the liquid will gradually accumulate on the surface of the filter cloth. When these solid substances reach a certain thickness, a filter cake is formed. Because the gap between the filter cake particles is very small, the escape of particulate impurities in the liquid is blocked, so that the filtrate becomes clear. Before the filter cake layer is formed, the discharged "clear liquid" returns to the raw material tank for circulation. Filter until the filter cake layer is formed (which can meet the filtration requirements), the filter provides a signal to the PLC to control the clear liquid not to circulate, and the clear liquid is sent to the next process through the filter valve for normal filtration.

After normal filtration for a period of time, when the filter cake layer on the porous candle core reaches a certain thickness, the rate of filtrate passing through the filter cake decreases, the filtration efficiency becomes poor, and the filter pressure rises (above 0.5MPc). At this time, the differential pressure switch (or pressure The sensor) provides a signal to the PLC to stop the filter pump, close the feed valve, open the positive blow valve, and then drain the residual liquid in the filter. When the liquid in the filter is lower than the filter element, open the drain valve and the residual liquid passes through the drain valve. At this time, the pressure in the filter drops rapidly. The PLC receives the low pressure signal, closes the forward blowing valve, and opens the back blowing valve (compressed air, nitrogen or saturated steam) for back blowing, so that the filter cake falls off, and after a certain period of back blowing ( 30 seconds), stop backflushing, open the slag discharge port of the filter for slag discharge, close the slag discharge port after the slag discharge is completed, complete a filtration cycle, return to the initial state before filtration, and prepare for the next round of filtration.




Model Cartridge QTY Cartridge Size(mm) Filtering Area(㎡) Capacity(t/h) Housing Volume(L) Inlet(DN)

Cake Discharging Outlet



Housing Diameter(mm) Total Height(mm) Height of Housing(mm) Height of Waste Discharging Oulet(mm) Dimension(mm)
YWZS-1 7 90*500 1 2.2 140 25 150 456*3 1902 1448 500 φ1000
YWZS-1.5 10 90*500 1.5 3.3 180 25 200 508*4 1928 1474 500 φ1000
YWZS-2 7 90*1000 2 4.4 220 32 150 456*3 2402 1948 500 φ1200
YWZS-3 10 90*1000 3 6.6 280 40 200 508*4 2428 1974 500 φ1200
YWZS-4 14 90*1000 4 8.8 400 40 200 608*4 2502 1868 500 φ1300
YWZS-6 19 90*1000 6 13.2 560 50 250 708*5 2578 1944 500 φ1400
YWZS-8 24 90*1000 8 18 740 65 250 808*5 2644 2010 500 φ1500
YWZS-12 40 90*1000 12 26 1200 65 300 1010*5 2854 2120 600 1300*1440
YWZS-18 64 90*1000 18 40 1800 80 400 1212*6 2904 2170 600 1440*1540
YWZS-30 106 90*1000 30 66 3000 100 500 1616*8 3440 2840 600 1800*1940
YWZS-40 140 90*1000 40 88 3815 150 500 1820*10 3560 2960 600 2000*2140
YWZS-60 190 90*1000 60 132 5700 150 500 2220*10 3700 3100 600 2440*2540



• Fully closed filtration. No leakage. No any environmental pollution.
• The entire process can be fully automated.
• The filter cake can be washed and dried to obtain maximum economic benefit.
• The filter element is designed to be the duplex structure.
• It has a wide applications and better filtering effects.
• It is the gas blowback slagging. The slag can be discharged quickly and cleanly.
• It is suitable for a variety of sticky materials.




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