Membrane Mobile Filter Press For Sludge Dewatering Filter Press System Piling On Truck

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Yuwei
Certification: CE / ISO
Model Number: YWGMZ
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 unit
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: wooden case, bubble wrap
Delivery Time: 10-20 work days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 500 units per month
Detail Information
Name: Membrane Filter Press Material: Carbon Steel
Feed Pressure: 0.6 MPa Squeezing Pressure: 1.8 Mpa
Plate Material: PP Power: 4.8 Kw
Plate Shifting: Auto Contorl: PLC
Colour: Blue/White/Grey Close Method: Hydralic
High Light:

Membrane mobile filter press


mobile filter press on truck 4.8Kw


sludge dewatering system filter press

Product Description

Yuwei Corrosion Resistant Membrane Filter Press For Strong Acid And Alkali
1. The mobile filter press adopts good Australian technology and has a beautiful appearance.
2. High structural rigidity, stable operation and low noise.
3. The configured concentration pretreatment equipment (good for sludge flocculation) has low operating cost.
4. The distributor configured in the gravity dewatering area makes the material evenly distributed and prolongs the life of the filter belt.
5. With super long gravity dehydration zone and wedge-shaped dehydration zone, the material is fully dehydrated to ensure that the material will not overflow in the pressing zone.
6. The arrangement of rollers is scientific and orderly. Gravity dehydration, wedge dehydration and press dehydration are discharged separately without interfering with each other. The ratio of the diameter of the press dehydration roller is large and the dehydration effect is good. Therefore, the production capacity is large, energy saving and high efficiency.
7. The continuous operation from feeding to discharging mud cake has a high degree of automation, and a PLC interface can be set up according to needs, which is convenient for centralized control by microcomputer.
8. The power transmission mechanism adopts mechanical or frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, which has a large speed regulation range and wide adaptability.
9. The filter belt is equipped with a reliable backwashing device to ensure the dehydration effect of the filter belt.
10. Pneumatic tensioning and pneumatic automatic deviation correction device are adopted to ensure the safe and normal operation of the filter belt.
11. The operation is safe and reliable, using infrared safety protection and all-round emergency safety parking device.
12. Filter belts with different structures can be configured according to different materials with high filtration accuracy.
Scope of application
Membrane filter press is used for solid-liquid separation of various suspensions, and has a wide range of applications. It is suitable for industrial fields such as medicine, food, chemical industry, environmental protection, and water treatment.

Model Filter pressPlate sizeCake thicknessFilter chamber volumePlate NOFiltration pressureMotor powerWeightDimensions L*W*H(mm)Foundation Size(mm)
X_M^AG30/870−U_K^B 30870*870≤3549823≥0.82.230463880*1250*130029207001270785
X_M^AG40/870−U_K^B 406232935934270*1250*13003300
X_M^AG50/870−U_K^B 507893740574790*1250*13003820
X_M^AG60/870−U_K^B 609554545975310*1250*13004340
X_M^AG70/870−U_K^B 7011215351365830*1250*13004860
X_M^AG80/870−U_K^B 8012876156366350*1250*13005380
X_M^AG50/1000−U_K^B 501000*100077627443524270*1500*140033507801400870
X_M^AG60/1000−U_K^B 609433344804700*1500*14003780
X_M^AG70/1000−U_K^B 7011093952635130*1500*14004210
X_M^AG80/1000−U_K^B 8012754557195560*1500*14004640
X_M^AG100/1000−U_K^B 10016085765556410*1500*14005490
X_M^AG120/1000−U_K^B 12019416974667260*1500*14006340
X_M^AG80/1250−U_K^B 801250*1250≤401560295.5109004830*1800*160039608501740995
X_M^AG100/1250−U_K^B 100197537117505440*1800*16004570
X_M^AG120/1250−U_K^B 120239145126006060*1800*16005180
X_M^AG150/1250−U_K^B 150291155136206820*1800*16005950
X_M^AG160/1250−U_K^B 160311959144707130*1800*16006255
X_M^AG200/1250−U_K^B 200384773153208200*1800*16007325
X_M^AG240/1250−U_K^B 240467989161709420*1800*16008550
X_M^AG250/1250−U_K^B 250478391170209570*1800*16008700
X_M^AG200/1500−U_K^B 2001500*150038094911261207140*2200*18205870117019901070
X_M^AG250/1500−U_K^B 250472361269307730*2200*18206860
X_M^AG300/1500−U_K^B 300563773281608720*2200*18207850
X_M^AG350/1500−U_K^B 3506551852960010110*2200*18209090
X_M^AG400/1500−U_K^B 4007618993150011260*2200*182010240
X_M^AG450/1500−U_K^B 45085321113340012250*2200*182011230
X_M^AG500/1500−U_K^B 50094461233338013240*2200*182012220
X_M^AG600/2000−U_K^B 6002000*20001190185155416413030*3000*250010610166020001050
X_M^AG700/2000−U_K^B 70013838995830014390*3000*250011920
X_M^AG800/2000−U_K^B 800149451076246015770*3000*250013240
X_M^AG900/2000−U_K^B 900177131276662017150*3000*250014560
X_M^AG1000/2000−U_K^B 1000196511417078018530*3000*250015880

Working principle
The suspension is pumped into each closed filter chamber of the filter machine. Under the action of the working pressure, the filtrate penetrates the filter membrane or other filter materials, and is discharged through the liquid outlet, and the filter residue remains in the frame to form a filter cake, so as to achieve Solid-liquid separation.
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