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company news about Solution of beer filtration

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Solution of beer filtration
Latest company news about Solution of beer filtration

Beer filtration is a very important production process in beer production, which is related to the appearance and taste of beer, as well as biological stability and abiotic stability. At least during the shelf life, the appearance of the beer does not change, so as to ensure the perfect appearance and quality of the beer.


In mature beer after fermentation, a small amount of coagulant such as yeast and protein are suspended in the liquor, causing the beer to be cloudy during storage. Therefore, it must be removed by a filtration process. Beer filtration is a physical process that uses filter media to separate and remove the tiny particles suspended in the beer from the liquor, so that the beer is clear and transparent without suspended solids.


At present, there are many solid-liquid separation filter equipment, but the main problems are oxygen exposure, bacteria infection and pipe non-stop when discharging and washing filter element. therefore, the best way to solve these problems is that:

  1. Closed filtration system
  2. No need for manual impurities discharging
  3. Oxygen excretion function included


For these purposes, Yuwei filter designed the duplex beer filtration system, there is disinfectant water backwash function and CO2 injection port, it’s perfect to solved the problems, also it’s easy to maintenance and cheap consumables.

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