Double stage filter

May 2, 2022

Product introduction

Double stage filter is also called double switch filter, is composed of two stainless steel filter core filter series, first through the first filter coarse filter, filter out the impurities of large particles, and then through the second filter fine filter, so as to obtain higher precision filtrate. Two-stage filter has a wide range of applications, strong compliance, small leakage rate of filter element, can accurately guarantee the filtering accuracy, and can quickly replace the filter element, filter no material consumption, low operating cost.


Application fields: the equipment is widely used in liquid purification such as water, oil and paint and solid-liquid separation in machinery, metallurgy, chemical industry, textile, printing and dyeing, electroplating, medicine, food and other industries.


Product features:

1, two-stage filter is suitable for high filtration requirements, and more filtrate impurities work requirements;

2, two-stage filter, two filtration, coarse filtration + fine filtration, higher precision, but also improve work efficiency;

3, stainless steel two-stage filter has the advantages of reasonable structure, small occupation area, good sealing, strong circulation capacity, simple operation and so on;

4, stainless steel two-stage filter can be switched bag filter unit combination of various, bag + bag, filter element + filter element, other filter system and other combination, filter bag or filter element side leakage probability is small, can accurately ensure the filtration accuracy, and can quickly replace the filter bag, make the operation cost reduction;

5, the filter surface adopts mechanical sandblasting polishing treatment, uniform, easy to clean, also can be sanitary mirror polishing.