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1. Technical requirements for functional design, structure, performance, manufacture, installation, test and acceptance. Filter press adopts hydraulic transmission mode, central hole feeding, bright outflow liquid. The plate-pulling system is an automatic plate-pulling system, which is composed of a fully enclosed trolley guide rail, an integrated large-size trolley, and a large-size double-intercept transmission chain. The power source and the plate-taking system are controlled by frequency conversion signal, and the pressure overload protection system is attached. The plate turning system adopts automatic plate turning system, which controls the opening and closing of the plate turning. The material of thrust plate, movable plate and base is high quality steel plate welding parts. The whole frame is made of high quality bridge steel reinforced by reinforcing bars, with strong side bending resistance and high bending strength. All hydraulic components adopt integrated block connection mode, strong overall integrity, stable and reliable work, low failure rate. Adopt high pressure plunger pump oil supply system, low noise, stable pressure rise and fall, the whole hydraulic system adopts automatic pressure maintenance, automatic pressure filling, emergency manual stop; It has the advantages of high sensitivity and reasonable configuration. Electrical components in the electronic control system use schneider brand, system reliability and stability is good; PLC control system adopts Siemens control system, control cabinet button operation. Filter plate can be used for a long time under the condition of material temperature ≤100℃ without deformation or damage. The steel structure of automatic box filter press shall adopt the paint anticorrosion after sandblasting and derusting up to Sa2.5 level. The paint anticorrosion shall be chlorinated rubber primer, middle paint, top paint and color standard. The sludge hopper is double-cone type, and hydraulic device is set to open and close the sludge hopper.


2. The design, manufacture, installation and acceptance standards of the filter press system should comply with the requirements of the latest national standards and specifications. Its products manufacturing and process control are strictly in accordance with the requirements of the company's quality control system procedures after the iso9001-2000 quality system certification.


3. Filter press and its accessories are shipped to the customer site, the customer to the arrival of the machine inspection. After unpacking the machine, check whether there is any defect, damage or shortage of the machine. The warranty period is 18 months from the date of arrival of the machine.

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